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Renter Disputes


If you are facing eviction from your home or business, don’t wait till you are evicted to call an attorney. The Foothill Law group compassionately fights for renters who are being unfairly treated.

Landlords you are attempting to evict a tenant for whatever reason are under strict guidelines to follow the proper and legal steps. Many renters who are without adequate legal counsel are unaware of the rights afforded to them.

There are many steps a landlord has to take before evicting a tenant. The landlord must prove he has proper cause, the landlord must show they have given the tenant a reasonable opportunity to comply, must outline in detail the reasons for eviction, and must serve an eviction notice.

If you are in the process of being evicted by a landlord contact the Foothill Law Group today for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

If you have already been evicted and are questioning whether the eviction was lawful, contact us today. Tenants who have been unlawfully evicted may be eligible for relocation costs.

The eviction process can be extremely emotionally difficult and confusing. At the Foothill Law Group, we serve renters who are being mistreated with excellence and compassion. Know your rights, contact the Foothill Law Group today!

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