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Landlord Disputes


If you are a landlord in the greater Los Angeles area and throughout the State of California, it is important that you know the rights afforded to you. The Foothill Law group can help you evict a tenant for withholding rent, destruction of property, or not complying with the rules of your lease or rental agreement. In most cases when a landlord is looking to evict a troublesome tenant, the sooner the process is started the more efficient and cost effective it is.

We’ve all heard about “renters rights,” but the truth is that landlords have rights also. If your tenant is withholding rent payments and demanding repairs because they deem the property uninhabitable, or for some other reason, there is a proper protocol that the tenant must follow.

At the Foothill Law Group, we will examine the merit of the claims the tenant is making and cross-reference them with the legal steps the tenant should have taken. There are many technicalities in place, and often times the tenant has not adhered to them.

That is why landlords without skilled legal counsel often end up paying a high price through uncollected rent payments and other fees because they did not have an attorney that knew the law, or they had no attorney at all.

If you are having a dispute with a tenant, contact the Foothill Law Group for a free evaluation of your case.

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